What readers are saying:

"A beautiful spark of positive energy." 

"When Carol Ford feels passionate about a cause, she donates her heart and soul to it... This is a book that is certain to move every animal lover, and it would be a great addition to any coffee table or veterinarian’s waiting room."

This was created by an amazing author and animal lover who decided to create this book and have the proceeds go to several animal shelters. The stories are so heartwarming, and what a wonderful way to support animal welfare. I am excited to find out that there will be a volume 2 coming out and cannot wait to order my copy!

"The collection of photos perfectly accents each heartwarming story, and highlights the animal’s personality... This book makes a great gift for readers of any age."

"Golden Linings is such a beautiful, heart warming tribute book from pet owners sharing stories and pictures about their fur or feathered babies, that it just makes you feel good. Carol Ford has put together such touching loving pages from friends and family, that are a joy to read for any pet lover since we can all relate. The illustrations just makes it so memorable and a joy to read."

"Highly recommend reading! Great for family and kids, too!"

"Golden Linings is a feel-good read exemplifying the 'good' in life that comes in the form of our pets. This is also a perfect book for your child's 'bed time story' collection. And to top it off, the author proceeds are donated to animal rescue organizations and shelters. I can't say enough how happy I am to have found this book."

"I thought the photos of the pets were adorable, and the write-ups on each one let me get to know them better... I would totally recommend this book."

"Funny and touching stories of beloved animals written by the humans who loved 'em. GREAT coffee table or end table book. A definite conversation starter - who doesn't have a favorite pet???"

"This is the second book in the series, just as good as the first! Love the personal stories, how each person came to adopt their pets. Sweet and heartwarming, an easy read."

"If you love pets, you’ll love this book. These stories get right to your heart and your soul. Great read." 
"Once again, editor Carol Ford hits one out of the park with her curated collection of pet tales. Anyone with an appreciation for animals will love this book; the photos are great, the anecdotes are fantastic. Keep it up, Ms. Ford! You have my vote for more volumes!" 
"Golden Linings III is just as heartwarming as Golden Linings I & II! Carol has put together another book with more wonderful stories and pictures from participants about their treasured pets. Even more wonderful is that all her proceeds are donated to animal rescue organizations. I highly recommend all three of these volumes." 
"The book tells the stories of real animals! The stories are heart warming, the photos are touching, and the book is a great read! This is the third in a wonderful series!"
"Adorable. Heart-warming. Funny. Touching. All of these fit Carol Ford's latest endeavor, Golden Linings III. The best thing is, these are real stories from regular people. Plus, the money from this book goes to help animals! It's a win-win on every level!"